ACFL is being conceived as a strong value-based and systems-driven company with a high level of customer focus, strong corporate governance and sound ethical practices. It is being proposed to bring organized financial services to a large number of poor clients who otherwise would not have access to credit and other financial services from any institutional agency.

Serving the unbanked: With strategic focus on the most neglected markets, ACFL will work in the most under developed and under privileged areas of India. It proposes to do poverty alleviation through effective microfinance and banking methodologies and suitably modify them for the target clients.

Group Lending Model: In the field of traditional microfinance, ACFL will work on lines of the Grameen model which ensures that financing reaches each individual member of the group based on merit. ACFL will work on a robust risk control over the loan disbursement process, which is critical for its efficacy. The Grameen model will be suitably modified to a more practical and workable JLG model, considering the local condition.