About ACFL

Adi Chitragupta Finance Limited (ACFL) is a NBFC-MFI (Non-Banking Finance Company  Micro Finance Institution), based in the state of Bihar, with its head quarter at Patna, the state capital. ACFL has received its Certificate of Registration (COR) to work as NBFC-MFI from Reserve Bank of India on 24th April 2017. ACFL is the first NBFC-MFI from Bihar to get a COR from RBI, Patna.

ACFL is committed on providing microfinance services to urban and rural poor, as well as micro and small businesspersons, in the under-served geographies of Northern & Eastern India, starting with Bihar. The geographic regions to be served by ACFL are amongst the poorest in India who  are grossly underserved by formal financial institutions.

ACFL is a strong value-based and systems-driven company with a high level of customer focus, strong corporate governance and sound ethical practices. It is bringing organized financial services to a large number of poor clients who otherwise would not have access to credit and other financial services from any institutional agency. It is playing a role in national agenda of financial inclusion.

Serving the unbanked: With strategic focus on the most neglected markets, ACFL works in the most under developed and under privileged areas of India. It does poverty alleviation through effective microfinance and banking methodologies and suitably modify them for the target clients. ACFL is a rural centric NBFC-MFI with over 90% of its customers belonging to rural and semi urban area. Branches of ACFL are even located at blocks, panchayats and large villages. It is committed to bringing financial service to unbanked areas.

Group Lending Model: In the field of traditional microfinance, ACFL works on lines of the Grameen model suitably modified for local conditions which ensures that financing reaches each individual member of the group based on merit. ACFL works on a robust risk control over the loan disbursement process, which is critical for its efficacy. 

ACFL lends to its target clients i.e. poor women through its Loan products. which are without any collateral. All ACFL clients will go through the life cycle of the loan process. ACFL in its endeavor to improve the economic conditions of underserved poor also focuses to provide service beyond Credits. On regular frequency, clients are being educated on financial literacy, importance of saving, hygiene, and other relevant social issues which helps in betterment of their personal life on. ACFL also supports its clients for improved
hygiene and sanitation by assisting in upgrading their drinking water and sanitation through “Swaccha Ghar Rin”.

ACFL have invested heavily in technology platform and technology-enabled operating procedures to increase operational and management efficiencies as well as ensure strong customer credit quality. ACFL focuses on the effective use of technology is aimed at allowing employees across branch network to collect and enter data to a centralized management system using an Internet connected TAB with mobile applications for loan origination and loan collection , providing senior management real-time access to credit processing and decision making. The accurate and timely collection of such data gives the ability to operate  business in a centralized manner using a Loan Management System and develop better credit procedures and risk management.

ACFL signifies and envisions that the economically poor would be capacitated to enable them bring about the economic well-being of their family by themselves. ACFL strives to reach to needy and poorest of poor women and provide them a platform to help them reach the state of better economic condition and enhance their quality of life and social status both in the family and society. It has been founded by Mr. R. K. Sinha, former M.P. (Rajya Sabha), noted philanthropist, founder of SIS Group and Mr. Gyan Mohan, a veteran Banker of over 40 years’ experience, as a social enterprise.

ACFL is run by a team of professionals who are well- aware with the asymmetry existing between formal and informal sources of credit and disadvantaged group of society that requires financial resources. The team also has deep understanding of the social nuances and geographies of the area of operation.

Micro-finance is an effective tool which could help bridge the yawning gap and the asymmetry. ACFL will focus on economically poor women as credit-worthy customers who lack access to formal institutional entity for their credit requirements