What We Do

ACFL Provides financial assistance to underprivileged self-employed women from down trodden section of population, specially from the rural/semi-urban areas, to help facilitate their upward movement in their economic status and in the process improve the standard of living of their families. This also enables them to gain respect not only within their own families but also in society at large.

Client Profile :

Clientele Women
Demographics Rural/Semi-urban/Urban
Age group 18-55 years
Income group Household income upto INR 3 lacs
Activity Small business, handicraft, Trade, Agricultural and allied activities.
Social background Belonging to weaker section of society

ACFL offers its clients income generating loan (IGL) based on their repayment ability. These loans are given under the Joint Liability Group (JLG) lending model of Grameen bank, which has been suitably modified to suit the local conditions. The loans are used for a variety of economic activities and eventually help increase the income generating capacity of our borrowers. Animal husbandry, production, service and trade are major sub-sectors where income generating loans are deployed. Employment, social welfare and healthy working environment are the key by-products of the business of the company.

ACFL not only empower the economically weaker women economically, but also focuses on building social capital base of these community members. Inculcating the virtues of conducting group meetings and empowering the members towards sensitization of social issues and putting community efforts to address those issues.

Besides, ACFL also facilitates social causes like promoting financial literacy among members, cleanliness drive, and sanitation etc.


Aay Vriddhi Rin

Swachh Ghar Rin

Shiksha Rin

Grih Samunnati Rin

Pariwar Kalyan Rin

Product NameAay Vriddhi RinAay Vriddhi RinSwachh Ghar Rin
PurposeIncome Generation LoanIncome Generation LoanWater & Sanitation
Type of LoanGroup LoanGroup LoanIndividual in Group
Nature of LoanUnsecuredUnsecuredUnsecured
Minumum Loan10000310005000
Maximum Loan300005000025000
Interest Rate*25.00%25.00%25.00%
Processing Fee1.5% + GST1.5% + GST1.5% + GST
Repayment MethodBi-weeklyBi-weeklyBi-weekly
Loan Term12 months24 months12 months

*Annualised Interest Rate on Reducing Balance Basis. Subject to revision as per RBI norms.