Success Stories

Mrs. Jyoti Devi

Mrs. Jyoti Devi, aged 33, mother of 2 children resides in a small village of Samastipur district in Bihar. Her story clearly depicts that if a woman decides she can not only support her family in daily chores activity but she can also support them financially. 3-4 years back, in order to support her family's basic needs, she along with her husband had set up a small general store in the same village but with limited resource, they struggled to generate enough income and the situation had become so worst that they were in the position of disposing of the store. Witnessing the deteriorating financial situation of her family she consulted a few of the relatives and neighbors to seek financial support but failed. During this course of time, she met a group of women who were associated with "Adi Chitragupta Finance Limited" and understood the process and decided to be a customer of ACFL. She met the Loan officers of ACFL, who provided her complete information about the group loan, group responsibilities, benefits and also explained how the ACFL loan helps women to improve their financial situation. Initially, she took a loan of Rs. 25000 from ACFL and invested in her shop and within one year she repaid her first loan through her monthly income of Rs. 6000 and took another loan of Rs. 30000. Now she not only generates income by running her general store but also owns a cow, whose milk is being sent to the nearest milk collection center. With a constant flow of income, she is also able to send both her children, 2 boys of 14 and 12 years to school and wants to give them good education for a better life ahead. She is proud of being associated with ACFL and able to financially support her husband in generating income for the family. Personally, she dreams to set up a big store in her area which is very well known in her locality.

Mrs. Nutan Devi

Nutan Devi, aged 31, resides in Kadrabad village in Bachhwara tehsil of Begusarai district in Bihar. Nutan is a hard-working woman who always aspires to involve herself in some kind of income generating activities out of which she could earn money other than her husband's income. Nutan knows sewing and stitching which she learnt before marriage. Women from nearby houses used to come to her for small helps and she was charging negligible amount to them. After some time she observed that footfalls at her home was increasing especially during wedding and festival season and because of unavailability of machine she was not able to compete the order on time. She took this as an opportunity and discussed with her husband to buy a sewing machine to work professionally. Even though her husband wanted to support her, the economic situation of the family was not so strong that they could buy a sewing machine for her. Since her husband was aware of the group loan concept and he advised her to consult the member of the group who is already availing such kind of loan in their village. She met "Adi Chitragupta Finance Limited" loans officers during one of the centre meeting which was being conducted in her village that time. She became part of JLG group and currently she is availing Rs. 30000 loan as her second cycle loan. She bought sewing machines, other supporting instruments and subsequently she started buying her own raw clothes and she is selling the stitched products. Seeing the good work of Nutan, girls of her village started approaching her to teach them. Now she aspires to train them and wanted to buy another sewing machine for training purpose. Since she is repaying her loan from her individual income only, their family member is very proud of her. They are also very thankful of ACFL, because of them she could achieve this.