Core Values








Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect

Operative Values

ACFL recognizes a set of values which are pertinent to achieve the mission of the organization. Values are deeply held beliefs and are meant to be expressed through day-to-day behaviors of all. The operative values capture that and is core to our operation. The acronym used for values is RESPECT, which is:

Responsive & HonestPrompt responses and immediate attention to every detail regarding matters involving clients as well as organization by all staff. Be truthful to all.
Enable IntegrityStrengthen and imbibe the culture of morality and ethical work culture.
Superior TeamworkOwnership of success and responsibility of failure shared by all. Operation with shared vision and togetherness in every aspect related to ACFL.
ProfessionalismPunctuality, efficiency and effectiveness shown in all operations by everyone.
Exemplary GovernanceA strong participatory senior management and Board, working on the principle of staff feedback, quick decision making and visionary leadership.
Cost EffectivenessOperating at minimum cost by reducing wastage and misuse and by standardization of processes and systems.
TransparencyClear and concise communication about terms, conditions and processes to clients as well as across the hierarchy of the organization.